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Control Panel
Explosion Proof Marine Motor Control Console, BQC Series (‖B Grade)

    Explosion proof marine motor control console is perfect for the starting and control of motors in natural gas ship, chemical ship, oil platform where there is explosive gases. The boost and control method include direct starting, delta start-up, auto voltage reducing as well as soft starting.

Marine Motor Control Console, QDC Series

    QDC series of control console are used for the direct start-up of three-phrase motor and the control of forward or reverse rotation. It can protect the motor when short circuit, phase losing, overloading or voltage losing occurs.

Marine Master Controller

    Widely applied in various kinds of AC or DC control circuit, the master controller can be used together with control console for the boosting, operation, speed variation, reversion and braking of motors of anchors or windlass, etc.

Integrated Control Console

    The integrated control console is widely used in engine room, bridge house as well as in simultaneous control of all kinds of auxiliary engines. The ICC system works for the integrated control, monitor, warning, and safety protection of the main engine as well as all kinds of auxiliary machineries. Remote control of main engine, monitoring alarm, sound powered telephone, broadcasting system, and siren can be outfitted in the ICC system in the bridge house according to your specific demands.

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