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Machining Center

    We have invested a variety of diversified machine tools that operate precisely on motor parts with high manufacturing precision at the maximum of 0.01mm.

Stator Production Workshop

    Paper Inserting Machine
    The insulation paper is inserted by the fully automated inserting machine with high process precision.

    The Automated Coil Winding Machine
    The fast variable-frequency winding machine boasts a speed 3-5 times higher than the manual ones and is mainly deigned for the motor types of 80-132 frames sizes.

Rotor Manufacturing Workshop

    Aluminum Casting Machine
    200-300 pieces of rotors can be manufactured by the aluminum casting machine per day.

    The Aluminum Casting Rotor Samples

  • Finish Turning on the Rotor By the CNC Lathe
    Slag and oxidation film on the surface of the rotor is removed and then be coated with slushing oil.

  • The Rotor Sample After the FT Process

    Dynamic Balancing Test on Rotor
    The particular part of rotor laterality can be checked out automatically by observing the changing parameters during high speed revolving of the rotor.

Coating Line

    A maximum 620 motors can be coated on the house simultaneously on our auto-painting line. One staff is enough for the operating of the whole highly automated coating line.

Assembly Plant

    Due to enriched experiences in the motor assembly, our workers can assemble the motors fast with more than 100 pieces a day.

Impregnation Treatment

    You can choose the vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) or dripping impregnation according to your specific requires. Rubber parts can have perfect insulation performance after the impregnation. Thus the motor will be serviceable during long time operation.

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